Long Live The Child

Long Live The Child

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This year, roll back time and become a child again.Remember what it was like to be a little girl? To believe Daddy was the strongest man in the world, that he could fix anything and everything? You were trusting, playful, and resilient. Wide-eyed and wonder-filled.  As you matured, you may have lost your ability to play, create, and, saddest of all, to receive love and affection with the abandon of a little one. And like so many grown-ups, you may be in "performance mode," working hard for the approval of God and others. Growing up doesn't mean you have to lose the wondrous aspects of childhood. In fact, Scripture holds up the child as a spiritual model for believers of all ages.

The devotional book that started it all.  Christine takes you through 365 days of scripture readings, each one unwrapped in the language of a Father and daughter in discussion.  If your relationship with God is strictly an intellectual experience and your heart feels little, this book will shake things up.  It has brought many hearts alive to God over the years and it can do it for you.

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